Welcome to my slice of cyberspace.

It's hard to believe I've had this URL since 1997, when I was teaching my first web design courses. It's been an early profile site, in the days before Facebook. It's been an online portfolio for jobs. I often used it to host syllabi for various classes and courses I taught over the years. These days, it is more of a digital sign post. Improvements are to come. So consider this an interim design.

I hang my hat at Amazon Web Services as the Global Gaming Marketing Manager. I also teach part-time for DigiPen in the Game Software Design & Production degree programs out in Redmond, WA.

I can be reached at crchampagne@hotmail.com. Here is a fairly current copy of my Resume and Patents. Here is a link to a Professional Biography.

I've included a list of some of the Classes and Courses I have taught at various universities and colleges.

You can reach me here on LinkedIn. My Skype handle is christiaan.champagne.

Thanks for visiting!


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